Why You Should Consider Having an All Day Elopement

First, Let's Define "Elopement".

The word "elopement" has changed into something new over the last few years. Basically, I believe an elopement at it's core is about creating an intentionally intimate and meaningful wedding experience that truly reflects who you are together. It could be just the two of you on top of a mountain, pouring your soul out to each other with some breathtaking views, or it can be simply bringing a handful of your dearest loved ones together in your backyard to experience you two becoming one. It definitely doesn't mean you can't have any guests. To have an elopement just means to take away the focus from all production and traditional wedding expectations and create a day that centers around the love between you and your soulmate. You get to make the rules.

Why Should I Have All Day Elopement Coverage?

I know what you're thinking. "Isn't an elopement just supposed to be short and sweet? What would we do for an all day elopement?" Trust me, I get it. The way elopements have been framed in the past has been basically the same as a photoshoot. But here's the thing, this is not just a photoshoot, this is your wedding day, and it's supposed to be exactly that- a day that's dedicated to celebrating two souls starting forever together. Why should you miss out on captured memories just because you've decided to elope? I believe every couple deserves to have a day that is 100% authentically them. Think about this: if you could plan your dream day from beginning to end, morning through evening, what would that look like? This is your chance to do that. Each step of that adventure deserves to be captured, because unfortunately, our memories still fade the same regardless of if you have a traditional wedding venue or a large guest count. Elopements are an experience that you intentionally decide to do because you want to go off the beaten path and do things differently. What you do with that freedom deserves to be documented. Plus, you won't have as many people with you on the day to remember details or constantly be snapping photos all day. Trust me, you'll be so glad you did.

What Could an All Day Elopement Look Like?

Imaging waking up in the morning with your love in a beautiful creekside cabin on a slow summer Tennessee morning. You sip your coffee on the porch and enjoy the sunrise while the birds are singing. Later that afternoon you're hiking up to the most epic mountain views to say your vows to one another with the Appalachian mountains as your only guests. You try to hold back tears as the love of your life pours their heart out to you. Your dress is dirty, your hair is blowing in the wind and your heart is full. After that, you head to downtown Gatlinburg and share some Ol' Smoky Moonshine and toast your future together. You share your first dance to your favorite song on the porch of your cabin while the sun sets and the cicadas chirp. This could be your wedding day. All those memories can't fit into a 2 hour elopement package, and none of the once-in-a-lifetime moments on your wedding day should be left out of being captured.

Where Could I Have an All Day Elopement?

One of my favorite parts about elopements is the location planning process. Since I live here in Tennessee, most of the elopements I photograph are somewhere in the Southern Appalachian region. However, I've done a fair amount of traveling (I've traveled to Iceland, Italy, all over the Caribbean, and more- plus I grew up and lived in the PNW for 21 years!) and would absolutely love to plan your elopement adventure wherever your dream destination is. And if traveling isn't for you, you could always elope at the local courthouse, on the top floor of a parking structure in your city, or in your parents backyard! The point of having an elopement is to make it personal to you. At the end of the day, it's the memories that matter most. Where do you want to create yours?

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I can't wait to take this journey with you.

I can't wait to take this journey with you.

An Elopement Photographer You Can Trust

An Elopement Photographer You Can Trust

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