Cataract Falls Elopement in the Smokies

All about this Cataract Falls elopement in the Smokies

This was the third time I've been to Cataract Falls for an elopement! It's such a stunning location and I absolutely love each and every time I get to go back and document a story there. Kelli and Spencer are the sweetest couple ever, and this elopement was such a dream. The chemistry these two have is the purest and most beautiful thing, and it made my job of capturing their love story so incredibly easy. I also adored how they included their daughter in the ceremony with them. They had a two hour slot with me, and in that time we were able to capture a gorgeous ceremony with the waterfall as their backdrop, some family photos, and so many portraits surrounded by this gorgeous Smoky Mountain landscape.

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Planning your Cataract Falls Elopement

So often when I'm helping my elopement couples find a location for their ceremony, I start with asking them which kind of physical land features do they picture in their photos. Mountains, fields, forest, river, and waterfalls are only a few of the stunning features easily accessible here in the Smokies. This location has stunning waterfall views, but also forest and rivers as well. Plus, one of my favorite features of this location- especially if the couple has young kids or elderly guests- is that there is virtually no hiking! It's only about a 5 minute flat walk to the waterfall, and literally zero walking to the river bank! It's so accessible it's amazing. Keep in mind though that if you are thinking of eloping at Cataract Falls, it is 100% open to the public, so if you want to have your elopement ceremony in front of the falls without any crowds like Kelli and Spencer, I would highly recommend going during slow tourist seasons, days and times of days. If you're more interested on that info, feel free to message me at the bottom of this post and I'd be happy to chat with you about planning your day!

Thinking about planning your own elopement at Cataract Falls?

Photographed for Simply Eloped.