How to Elope In Tennessee During COVID-19

Why should I elope in Tennessee during COVID-19?

Maybe you're looking to Elope in Tennessee because you had wanted to do so initially, or perhaps because you had a change of plans and had to cancel or postpone your bigger wedding celebration due to Covid-19. Either way, I feel for you, and I'm here for you.

Trust me, I know the first thought of having to drastically downsize your dream wedding can be extremely disheartening and honestly, I don't blame you for being disappointed. But that's why I'm here. Even long before this pandemic, I have been specializing in elopements here in Tennessee, and there is a reason I feel so connected to the idea of elopements. Even if you had never considered the idea before, my hope is that through this, you can still find some beauty and happiness in this option. From beginning to end, I will walk with you through each step of the way, and together we'll make this a wedding experience that you can look back on and, even through a global crisis, say you wouldn't have had it any other way.

Tennessee ELopement photographer

Tennessee ELopement photographer

Hey, I'm Tori

Hey, I'm Tori

As a wedding and elopement photographer here in Tennessee, I've been so fortunate to be a part of some amazing stories and I've had the privilege of witnessing so many beautiful couples begin forever together.

It would be such an honor to get to work with you and capture those once in a lifetime memories together.

Get to know me
Get to know me

Steps on How to Elope During COVID-19 in Tennessee

I. Contact me - Fill out the contact form at the bottom of this page, and tell me all about your story. What made you decide to elope? Are you wanting a more traditional or adventurous experience? I want to know all about your story and what brought you here!

II. Reserve your date- Once we've finalized all the details, I'll send you a contract and an invoice, which will reserve your date with me!

III. Receive your elopement guide- After we're official, I'll send you an elopement guide that will go over everything from choosing a location, elopement timeline examples, my favorite vendor recommendations, and so much more

IV. Choose your location- We can chat over the phone or Facetime and discuss a location for your elopement. I've lived and photographed elopements in East Tennessee for over 5 years now, and know so many amazing location options, so we can come up with the perfect place for yours. And if there is somewhere new to me that you're considering in the area, I'm happy to go out and location scout for you to make sure it's exactly what you want.

V. Get eloped!- we'll meet up on the day of your elopement, you guys will say, "I do" and we'll make some magic!

V!. Celebrate- celebrate your marriage and enjoy your images together!

Reasons to Elope in Tennessee During COVID-19

I. Elopements can be even more special

I know the idea of having an elopement may have never even crossed your mind until this all happened, but believe me, I've photographed enough of them to know how special they can really be. There's something about starting forever together in a place that makes your heart beat fast. Elopements are intimate, intentional, and centered around the love your hearts have for each other. After all, isn't that what it's all about anyways? Plus, who says you can't party it up with all your friends after this is all over?

II. Elopements cause less financial stress

A reason many of my couples decide to elope is because, in addition to wanting an intimate and unique wedding experience, elopements cause far less financial stress than a large wedding. Especially in these times, I know how hard it can be to think about spending so much on a wedding. Many of my favorite elopement locations are completely free of charge, or very affordable (usually just a permit) and you can save so much on all the details you wouldn't otherwise need. Less stress on your wedding day means more attention devoted to the things that matter most.

III. Love isn't cancelled

One of my hopes with my couples who decide to go forward with their weddings during this time is that they will all look back on their experiences with a sense of overcoming and despite everything, "we did it." Especially in such strange and scary times, it's important to celebrate every reason you can, big or small. You don't have to look back on this time with sadness. You can choose to look back on this year as the year you two decided your love wasn't cancelled, and followed your hearts.

Ways to Elope in Tennessee and Still Celebrate with Family & Friends During COVID-19

I. Elope now just the two of you and celebrate with a party with everyone later when it's safe to do so

II. Live stream your wedding ceremony

III. Have everyone drive-by on your wedding day and celebrate from a distance with a parade

IV. Have your friends and family write letters or make videos and read or watch them during your elopement day

V. Bring along your dearest loved ones and elope in a cabin or Airbnb!

Interested in a cabin or Airbnb elopement during COVID-19? Read my blog post about my favorite Tennessee cabins & Airbnbs to elope at!

Other Resources for Couples Looking to Elope in Tennessee

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