Rainy Fall Creek Falls Elopement

All about this Fall Creek Falls Elopement

Where do I even begin with this Fall Creek Falls Elopement?! I've been dying to photograph at Fall Creek Falls for a such a long time now and I was absolutely thrilled to be able to capture this elopement day for Deanna and Boden. This was actually for Deanna and Boden's 5 year wedding anniversary, and this was their chance to redo their wedding day in a new way for them. It didn't originally go as planned, since about an hour before the scheduled time, it started pouring down rain without showing any signs of stopping! We decided to proceed anyways, and as soon as Deanna started walking down for her first look with Boden, the rain began to let up, and the aftermath left this really amazing fog rolling through the mountains. And although the rain had soaked everyone to the bone before the ceremony, and left me scrambling to cover all my gear and keep things safe, we all loved the way it turned out in the end.

Plus, the vendors who put all these details together are amazing. Especially since everything got drenched as soon as they set it all up! Everything still looked amazing and pulled together so beautifully.

The First Look at this Fall Creek Falls Elopement

So often brides who are opting for an elopement rather than a bigger wedding feel like they have to leave out certain things just because they are choosing to elope, such as a first look. Well I'm here to tell you that you can still absolutely have a first look if you are eloping. You can also keep other traditions that may be important to you, such as being walked down the aisle, having bridesmaids and groomsmen, or having a cake cutting!

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How to Include Friends & Family in Your Fall Creek Falls Elopement

Like the more traditional wedding day experiences mentioned above, many brides also think that if they have an elopement, they have to completely omit friends and family from the experience. This is also an elopement myth that I love debunking, because you can totally include your loved ones in your elopement day. I am going to be exploring this topic in an upcoming blog post that I can't wait to post, but if Deanna and Boden are any indication, this is 100% possible. Not only did Deanna have her dad still walk her down the aisle, but the couples only guests were their best friends and family, who were represented in their bridal party! Even their officiant was the brides bother! And of course they couldn't leave out their absolutely adorable baby boy Emerson. He was low key the star of the show.

Thinking about booking your own elopement at Fall Creek Falls?