Intimate Smoky Mountain Chuch Wedding

Meet The Couple of this Smoky Mountain Church Wedding

Stephanie contacted me earlier this year about capturing her church wedding out in the Smoky Mountains. She told me a little about how her and Jeff met, which I always love hearing all about when I first start to get to know a couple! This is from Stephanie's first message to me: "My fiance and I met while both working for the National Park Service at Cape Hatteras National Seashore. We love fishing and being outside, but my home will always be the Smokies." I absolutely loved that they were an outdoorsy couple, since I love being outdoors, and I knew we would get along really well. She explained how her and Jeff were a very traditional couple, and how they just wanted a simple church wedding to say their nuptials and a small reception afterwards to celebrate their love.

Why I love Intimate Smoky Mountain Weddings

There is something so special about intimate weddings with just your family and a few friends present. Weddings can often be so stressful and there is so much pressure to put on a great party to your friends and family to enjoy and oftentimes the love gets lost in all of the planning. Intimate weddings like Stephanie and Jeff's are just a great example of how you can have the intimacy of an elopement but also get to share in the joy with your closest loved ones.

Having a Smoky Mountain Church Wedding During COVID-19

Although Stephanie and Jeff's wedding was going to be on the smaller, more intimate side to begin with, with all that's happening in the world and the global pandemic causing so many couples to change their original wedding plans, Stephanie and Jeff were forced to reduce the size of their wedding down from about 50, to 10-15 guests. Of course while this is not ideal and I empathize with them for not being able to have the wedding they initially planned on, I completely admired their decision to go forward with their date and make things work in spite of all the craziness being thrown at them. Thankfully their date came one day after restrictions began to loosen up here a bit in Tennessee, so thankfully they were still able to have some of their dearest loved ones present!

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The Reception After This Smoky Mountain Church Wedding

After their sweet intimate ceremony in the church, everybody headed to Stephanie's family's home for their reception. This wasn't the original plan, since their reception was initially supposed to be held at an event center here in the Smokies. However, they had to run with whatever Covid threw at them, so Stephanie's family all chipped in and made this absolutely adorable reception happen on their porch. Seriously, what they came up with was absolutely amazing, they are all so talented and it was such a sweet gesture to all come together and make their reception something special. Her sister even decorated that amazing cake! I also loved how they still had their sparkler exit on the porch with the family. Every detail of this wedding was so sweet and such a wonderful reminder that even in tough times, love isn't cancelled, families come together and adjust plans for the ones they love, and beautiful memories are created when those two things collide.

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