Melton Hill Park Couples Session in Knoxville

The Story of this Melton Hill Park Couples Session

I have been so excited to share the photos from this couples session I did at Melton Hill Park in Knoxville. Way back in February, I did a giveaway on my Instagram page, and Makayla and Nic won the giveaway! Unfortunately due to COVID shutdowns, weather issues, etc. we had to postpone their session a month, but it turned out so perfectly doing it during the summer instead. Makayla and Nic were so much fun to photograph, their love is so effortless and their natural chemistry made shooting them a such a breeze.

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Why I love couples sessions at Melton Hill Park

This was actually my first session at Melton Hill Park, and I instantly fell in love with the area. Nothing says summer vibes like a golden field and a lake. It's literally such a perfect place to do a couples session and I can't wait to go back. Melton Hill Park is one of those places I could shoot at time and time again and still find new little places to go, so no two sessions would look the same. It's also one of those places that would be gorgeous in any time of year and any time of day. Sunrise in the fall with mist covering the lake? Golden hour in the summer? It seriously would all be perfection.

Why I love engagement and couples sessions

Although I love shooting weddings and elopements, I also adore couples sessions because you can truly represent the couples' story and journey together. Do you and your babe love a pizza date in the back of your pickup? What about Chinese takeout at home with your dogs watching a movie? Swimming in the lake? Hiking in the mountains? Riding your motorcycle on the backroads? All of these things would make for some amazing and one of a kind couples photos. I absolutely loved that Makayla and Nic wanted to include their truck in their session. It was something that was special to them and made their photos 100% unique to them.

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