Oregon Coast Adventure Elopement at Lincoln City

Meet the couple of this adventure elopement at the Oregon Coast

So the story of this Oregon Coast adventure elopement goes all the way back to about 2013. Brooke and I used to work together back in Newberg, Oregon at a business my family owned. Although she's from Colorado and was in Oregon for college, we instantly became friends. Since then, she's been back in Colorado and I've been in Tennessee, but all these years later we kept in contact here and there and I was absolutely thrilled when I found out she had gotten engaged and asked me to attend her wedding in Colorado in July of this year. Of course, that was before Covid, and eventually she and JT had to make the tough decision to postpone their big wedding celebration to 2021. It just so happened though that she was going to be visiting Oregon during the same time I was, so we got the idea to have a little elopement while we were both there and it was such a special thing to capture. They had bought along their original wedding attire, complete with bouquet and all, and we hiked up to God's Thumb in Lincoln City for the sunset.

About the location of this Oregon Coast Adventure Elopement

One thing you may or may not know about me is that I grew up and spent 21 years of my life in Oregon before moving to Tennessee in 2015, and I've always regretted that I wasn't photographing couples and weddings while I lived there because I know of and have explored so many locations all throughout Oregon that would have made for some amazing backdrops for photo sessions. One of those locations is the Oregon Coast. The Oregon Coast is such a special location so close to my heart and I am so over the moon that I finally got to photograph an elopement here, especially since it was for such a dear friend of mine. Once I knew that Brooke and JT were vacationing at Lincoln City I instantly thought of God's Thumb and how amazing it would be to shoot there, and the location combined with the breathtaking sunset over the ocean, it definitely did not disappoint! The wind was blowing, as you can 100% make out by looking at these photos, and it all made for the perfect Oregon coastal elopement that I was dreaming of!

What I love about Adventure Elopements

Although I do love weddings, my heart is so connected to elopements, especially adventure elopements, because whenever I was younger and pictured my own wedding, I always imagined a beautiful destination elopement. No fluff, no distractions, just a day revolving around me, my love, and our story. That's what I love about adventure elopements. Especially right now with Covid and everything happening in the world, the only thing that's certain is the uncertainty. We have no idea when or if things are going to go back to normal anytime soon. And with all that uncertainty, eloping is such an amazing option for couples, because no matter what happens or changes, you can ALWAYS elope.

There are so many amazing reasons to elope during Covid-19, and I wrapped up some of my most favorite reasons, as well as info, tips and tricks in a blog post that you can read below!

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