The Best Places for a Smoky Mountain Cabin Wedding

All about Smoky Mountain Cabin weddings

Cabin weddings have become increasingly popular recently, especially here in Tennessee around the Smoky Mountain area. Now during the COVID-19 pandemic, elopements and intimate weddings are the new normal, and less couples are looking to book large wedding venues. Cabins have always been a staple here in the Smokies for overnight stays while visiting the area, but it is so convenient to think that you can have your entire wedding or elopement day from beginning to end all in one place! The cabins here in the Smokies can serve as the perfect backdrop for getting ready photos, ceremony location, couples portraits and the reception. And not only that- all your wedding guests, whether that just be the two of you or 10-15 of your loved ones can all stay in the same place!

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Elopement at a Knoxville Airbnb.

Reasons to Have a Smoky Mountain Cabin Wedding

1. Cabins can be surprisingly beautiful, and some of them have even better views than some of the traditional venues!

2. Having everything in one place saves time and money.

3. It can serve as wedding and honeymoon trip all in one!

4. Many of the cabins have rec rooms, hot tubs, swimming pools, theaters and more, so that you will never get bored!

5. You can choose your wedding experience! There are options for luxury, traditional, or adventurous experiences depending on the cabin!

6. Cabin weddings are more intimate, so only having your dearest loved ones present will make your day more intentional and meaningful.

7. During COVID-19, things are unpredictable, and having your wedding in a cabin will mean you won't have to stress about whether or not your venue will have to cancel or postpone, and you can rest easy knowing that your wedding plans are secure.

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Ely's Mill Elopement.

Best Smoky Mountain Cabins for Weddings

In all honesty, I think almost any of the cabins in the Gatlinburg/Smoky Mountain area could serve as a wedding or elopement venue. These are just a few of my favorites since they are something a little unique and have a feature or two that would be perfect for a small wedding.

Best Cabins for Overnight Stays

1. Mansion in the Sky

2. Gatlinburg Mansion

3. The Bell Top Cabin

4. Ely's Mill

Check out this elopement I shot at Ely's Mill!

5. The Lodge at Brother's Cove

6. Smoky Mountain Lake Resort

7. Roosevelt Lodge

8. Hearthside Cabins

9. Stony Brook Lodging

10. Above The Mist

Best Cabins for Day Use

1. Spence Cabin

2. Appalacian Clubhouse

3. Scatterridge Lodge

Check out this elopement I photographed at the Scatterridge Lodge!

4. Cade's Cove Historic Cabins

5. Noah Bud Ogle Cabin

Elopement at Scatterridge Lodge.

Best Places for a Glamping Intimate Wedding in Tennessee

1. Undercanvas Smoky Mountains- Undercanvas has locations all over the US, but their Smoky Mountain location would make for a beautiful and unique elopement spot!

2. Treehouses Tennessee-

3. Treehouse Grove- These ones are currently only available for overnight stays, but are allowing weddings if booked after March 2021!

4. Sulfur Ridge Treehouses

5. Glamping Tents at the Cabins at Copperhill

Details from a cabin porch reception.

Interested in a cabin in Tennessee for your wedding but still want an adventurous experience?

If you love the idea of a cabin wedding but still want some adventurous photos of you and your love, you could always have your wedding ceremony at a more adventurous location such as a mountain overlook or waterfall, then come back to the cabin for your reception! That way all your loved ones could be there to celebrate at the cabin with you. Many of the cabin locations I have listed above are within close driving distance to the Smokies, Fall Creek Falls, or other adventure locations! Another option is to have your cabin elopement or intimate wedding on day one, then on day two we go out and take epic photos wherever your heart is calling you to. The best of both worlds!

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