How to Plan Your Tennessee Elopement

Why should I plan a Tennessee Elopement?

Incredible mountain views, cascading waterfalls, historic cabins and southern hospitality are just a few of the things that draw my couples to planning a Tennessee elopement. I've been able to call East Tennessee my home for 5 years now, and so often I get asked for recommendations for my favorite locations and tips to planning an elopement in the area. There are so many beautiful and historic locations here that are perfect for elopements, and I have spent some time compiling a list of all my favorite spots and a few tips to assist you in planning and help you envision where you want your day to be. From there, I will gladly work with you each step of the way to help you create your dream elopement experience.

Great Smoky Mountains

In addition to East Tennessee, I'm always down to photograph your elopement wherever your dream destination may be. Check out some more resources below and let's plan your epic elopement day.

How to Elope in Tennessee

1. Get in touch with me and secure me for your date!

2. I'll help you decide on a location that resonates with your heart and fits all your criteria

3. Apply for a marriage licence in Tennessee. All the info on that here.

4. You'll get to experience your dream day together, soak in the beauty of the state, and we'll create some epic photos!

5. Celebrate your marriage!!!

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How to Choose The Perfect Tennessee Elopement Package

Hiring a photographer is such an important part of the elopement experience, since you are essentially choosing how you want to relive those memories each time you look back on your photos. It's so crucial that you trust your photographer not only with capturing those once in a lifetime moments, but also with knowing the ins and outs of the location where you are eloping. I've been a local here for 5 years, and in that time I've been able to explore so many amazing corners of this state and will happily assist you in each step of the planning process. My favorite part about elopements are that they are 100% made for you. That could mean a 2 hour elopement ceremony with just the two of you out in a secret location in the mountains, or I can tell you about some of my favorite small wedding venues in the Smokies so that you can bring a gathering of your friends and family along for a longer celebration.

Tennessee Elopements Start at $750

starting at 2 hours of coverage

at least 150 edited high resolution images

keepsake box with USB of images

unlimited access to elopement resources, and tips

printing and sharing rights to images

What is the best time of year for a Tennessee Elopement?

Tennessee has true four seasons, so each time of the year will offer a unique elopement experience. To help you decide the best time of year for you, I've made a quick cheat sheet of things to consider when deciding which time of year to plan your elopement.

1. Spring: Beautiful blooming flowers everywhere and mild temperatures. Crowds aren't overall too heavy yet unless you come here during spring break season. It usually won't get too hot or humid so this would be the best time of year for longer hikes. Keep in mind the weather can be little unpredictable this time of year.

2. Summer: Lots of sun and fireflies, summer lightening storms and chirping cicadas in the evening definitely create the feeling of being in the South. Crowds can get very heavy in the summer, and keep in mind that humidity in the summer is high, and can lead to quick burn out while hiking. There are lots of fun activities to do in the summer here though like floating and rafting down the rivers!

3. Fall: Crisp temperatures and absolutely gorgeous colors on the trees when the leaves start to change. Keep in mind though that the changing of the leaves is a huge draw to the area in the fall, and all the "leaf peepers" as they are called here, all flock to the area, making this one of the busiest tourist seasons of the year.

4. Winter: In my opinion, my least favorite time of year in Tennessee, just based on the fact that everything is kind of dead. The trees are bear and it can get really cold. Although, one huge pro to a winter elopement in Tennessee is the lack of crowds, which is best if you're looking for a very intimate experience, and if you time it right, you may get a bit of snow up in the mountains!

What are the best locations for a Tennessee Elopement?

Great Smoky Mountains National Park

The Great Smoky Mountains National Park is the heart of East Tennessee and is perfect if you want your elopement to be in a timeless location and represent the soul of the south. There are so many amazing locations in the park it pretty much checks all the boxes: mountains, forests, rivers, history, and wildlife!

Best Locations: Cade's Cove, Foothills Parkway, Cataract Falls, Historic Elkmont, and so so many more.

Permits: Yes, all weddings in the park require a Special Use Permit.

Pigeon Forge & Gatlinburg

Pigeon Forge and Gatlinburg are the two towns you hit just before getting into the National Park. Sure, you may think of them as total tourist areas, but I know some great little places to elope right there in the middle of the strip that will give you the great outdoors feeling with the accessibility of a town!

Best Locations: Ely's Mill, The Old Mill, Gatlinburg Overlook, the Gatlinburg Trail, and more!

Permits: Nope! None of these places require a permit, but some require a small fee to access areas that will be private just for us!

Fall Creek Falls

This is a state park between Knoxville & Nashville, and has so many amazing locations that are perfect for elopements, plus there is on-site cabins and tent and RV camping at the park!

Best Locations: Any of the 5 waterfalls, Millikan's Overlook & Buzzards Roost

Permits: No permit needed!

If you need help deciding on a location for your elopement, I have a location questionnaire I can send you which will help to narrow down locations to make it super easy to find your dream destination!

Want some more elopement location inspiration? Check out some of my favorite East Tennessee elopement blog posts here and here!

Hey, I'm Tori!

Hey, I'm Tori!

Meet your Tennessee Elopement Photographer

Meet your Tennessee Elopement Photographer

As a wedding and elopement photographer here in Tennessee, I've been so fortunate to be a part of some amazing stories and I've had the privilege of witnessing so many beautiful couples begin forever together.

It would be such an honor to get to work with you and capture those once in a lifetime memories together.

Get to know me
Get to know me

I am so excited you are interested in eloping here in Tennessee. I cannot wait to start planning with you and share my experiences in these places in the hope of assisting you in deciding on the perfect location for you to kick off your journey together. Once you're booked with me, my secrets are your secrets. I'm an open book! Let's start planning your dream day together!

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